Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Transformation Thursday: Necklace Organizer

When one of our favorite clients asked for a narrow rack to organize and display necklaces in her oh-so-lovely closet (see Monday's post!), Joe went right to work. We used half of a vintage magazine rack, but anything similar will work just fine.

First, Joe changed the orientation, adding hook eyes for hanging and using Gorilla Glue to affix some trim to the top. Cardinal rule of any rhubarb reign project: trim is cute and cute is always better, even if it takes a little longer!

Next, we placed cup hooks at staggered intervals on each rung. Be sure to drill a pilot first using a very small bit. Note that the hooks here are on the table for placement; you want to drill your holes so that the hooks face outward, not downward.

Then, recruit a teenage boy to assemble the rack for you while you work on other things, like putting cute trim on stuff. In a pinch, you can also do this step yourself.

Voila! Finis! You can leave natural or paint, according to your taste. We used several coats of Krylon Ivory spray paint to finish ours in this case.

And here it is. No more tangled chains and you have the added bonus of being able to admire your well-organized baubles every time you see them! Thanks for joining us for Transformation Thursday. Click the button on our sidebar to see everyone else's fun projects. xo


Sheri said...

Oooh that's such a neat idea! I can see my DD loving that.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

very nice transformation! Lucky you to have those extra hands around! :)


katie said...

Thanks Sandy, Joe and Jack for my new necklace display! I've been rearranging my jewelry all week just to get the perfect placement.

Anita said...

Great project...we are staying home until is raining cats and dogs here...and some areas are having flash flooding...but we are both getting projects done INSIDE and in the garage...See ya at a hopefully dry KANE

Anonymous said...

Cute, indeed! I just made a similar project adding little "S" hooks to an antique wooden hotel coat hanger. It's also great for hanging my necklaces.