Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Your Daddy's Hardware Store, No Sir

Industrial was our big seller this weekend at the Wheaton (IL) Antique Market. We sold all our large pieces, plus a wide variety of smalls. Here's a peek at some of our featured items:

two trays of vintage wooden print blocks;

this great set of over-sized taps (if you see G.W. Fish, let us know!);

a whole collection of vintage price and date stampers;

and these over-sized mystery tacks. Anyone know what they were for?
We had a very busy early buy, but the show was quiet during the afternoon. Providence should know that a whole week of sunny, 60-degree days makes snow/rain/wind on the day of the show look even worse! But we made our sales goal. Many thanks to all our regulars for making that possible. And as always, to the Boyds, for their help and hospitality.
This week, we're getting ready for a double-header -- Midland on Saturday and Sobo Style Sunday. Can't wait. Stay tuned for details. And think SPRING! xo


Feather Your Nest said...

You are coming to SoBo in Columbus this weekend? for a show?

Angie Holden said...

Love those wooden blocks!! Wishing I was closer....

Shannan Martin said...

Those stampers are fantastic! Can't wait to see you very soon at Allegan!

ps- My word verification is "fixens". Love that. :)

Beatnheart said...

Did you sell the print blocks...I know someone who collects those if they are still for sale..thanks