Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty as a Picture

"Pretty as a Picture" describes not only some of the wonderful graphics we had for last weekend's Grayslake (IL) Antique Market, but also the weather. It was so nice to have blue sky and spring temperatures, although it was a little windy. It was great to see so many outside vendors -- a sure sign of spring.

Loved this old print framed on ledger paper;

As well as the bold colors of this Victorian graphic we picked up in Ohio;

Here's a collage featuring antique garden tools; check out the great frame;

And a sweet little house wren.

You can't get much cuter than this little lady, all dressed up for her portrait session;

These vintage Japanese advertising graphics are a personal favorite;

And here's the latest in our lettering collage series, "Garden."

The vintage show-within-a-show had good participation. It was fun seeing every one's finery -- vintage clothes have such beautiful detailing. Here's another shot of some of Diane and Carole's lovely things. All in all, the weekend was a great success -- good crowd both days, although we are continuing to see a trend at this show of more retail than wholesale buyers -- allowing us to come within $20 of our sales goal. Many thanks to all who came out to support the show; we love getting to see everyone. And to Lynda for all her set-up help. And cookies! (:

Tomorrow, we'll start our Midland load -- it's been busy down there -- as well as a second trip to SoBo. Can't wait. xo


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Thanks for posting some pictures of your pretty things. I didn't get to see them! I too thought the crowd was good and the weather was beautiful! See you maybe next weekend. I may be by Wheaton to pick up some stuff from Mark. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

Anita said...

I LOVED that garden collage...actually the butterfly one and the garden tools one too. You are so awesome. Thanks to you and Joe for having me for a dinner partner- and thanks for taking me under your wing and allt he advice. You're a good egg, Sandy .


Sea Witch said...

How lovely. I adore the married items you see today in paper. Such a marvelous look. Gotta have that leopard hat though. Sea Witch

Rebecca said...

I was just at Grays and I wonder if I missed your booth or at least didn't know it was you! I think I remember your cute Garden collage sign tho.

Rebecca said...

I can be slow at times! Yes, I got that cute little heater from you that I love btw... such a cute display for my jewelry! I am sorry I didn't know that was you, we could have chatted a little-not that I didn't do that too much with my guys along... they were pretty patient with me tho :)
Thanks for your nice comment, is the magazine out now? I got mine but just thought I got it early. Trying to get my blog shop up and running before it hits the stands :)

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

we love the garden tools. Miss seeing you!

garage sale girly said...

I am always so inspired buy your blog! Love this post!
I really enjoy your blog!
I'm passing forward a Beautiful Blogger award to you, if you wish to accept! Check it out!

cityfarmer said...

did you sell the picture of the little lady allm dressed up?

annie said...

One of these days....I'll be back... and oooohhhhing...and buying...and chatting...and hugging...
miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Poverty tries friends.......................................................

ann at greenoak said...

love the garden pic...your blog is always fun!!!!