Wednesday, April 20, 2011

SoBo's Other Side and Easter Greetings

Generally our photos from the fabulous SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio, are mostly of creamy white furniture, because, well, that's what we bring her! But Katie's shop is also full of wonderful jewelry:

Great original paint, primitives and gifts:

Plus a well-edited collection of industrial pieces, bags made from vintage feed sack, cool housewares and more. Right now the store is strung with adorable paper pompoms in sherbet hues, like those shown in the first picture, setting the stage for Katie's TENTH ANNIVERSARY open house, coming up May 7. It's going to be a great party -- make sure you stop by!


We are off this weekend for Easter. Been working on a load for Midland, which Joe and his son, Matt, will deliver tomorrow. My folks are helping finish up today, as I have a family commitment. Hope your holiday is full of Jesus, ham or lamb, vintage Easter baskets and spring flowers. But also some time for reflection.

Our pastor had a great illustration the other day. Everyone was given a small chalkboard and asked to draw a point on the left side and then a line to the middle. Put an X there. Everything to the left of the X represents the past. It is what has brought us to the present moment, but it is over. Everything to the right of the X is what's still to come. His question was this: when your line extends all the way to the right side of your board, what do you want to see when you look back? It has really had me thinking. I find that it is way too easy for me to get so distracted with work and daily tasks that that is ALL that I think about. But that is NOT what I want to see when I look back. Problem is, seeing something else requires some thought and planning. That's what I'm thinking about this Easter. What about you? What do you want to see? Let me know what you come up with. xo


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I truly believe the old phrase "The eyes are the window to your soul". Have you ever looked into someones eyes and saw a vacancy? Something missing? I believe that God fills that vacancy. I want to look back and know that whomever looked into my eyes saw him dwelling in me.

katie said...

Another lovely post Sandy! Thanks for mentioning us and Happy Easter to you too!

Anita said...

making a life while making a living...that is the challenge...

Happy Easter, my friends.

diana56 said...

Sandy, Love the book and could not put it down! Hope you have an enjoyable Easter....

PS: If you could please jot down in your notes...looking for an old wallpaper table.
Thanks Diana

Anne Marie... said...

I like that reflection...with the chalkboard - great idea -

hope you had a great day Sandy!

Anne Marie