Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Heat and Television

A Midwestern/slightly southern summer can contain lots of different kinds of heat. At Sunday's Burlington (KY) Antique Show for example, there were two kinds. First, there was the "just opened the hotel door, coming out of the air conditioning, into the 'whoa, it's only 5 a.m.' swimming pool of heat." That was added to the "fry an egg on top of your head" heat that was featured at noon. The combination was the kind of hot and sticky that makes you "want to slap yo' Momma," as our friend Ricky would say. But, despite all that, the people came. And they shopped!

This was mostly due to the excitement generated by the "American Pickers" crew. The show sent a group of about 20 people, who roamed the grounds all day with their cameras. It was really interesting to watch them work. They were very friendly and quite unobtrusive. Shoppers were definitely intrigued, but everyone pretty much just went about their business. We will let you know when we hear what happens with the footage.

Sales were good across the board. Sold the Trauth table mentioned in last week's post right away, as well as our 1860s cherry chest. Original paint, paper/collage and store fixtures also did really well.

Hot is still going to be the theme of this week, as we are going to 99 by Friday. Stay inside and catch up on your old episodes of "American Pickers." Or better yet, head to an air conditioned space and do your own treasure hunting. But either way, check back later this week for an update. We are headed to Midland and Columbus this weekend. And check out our Facebook page for more photos. xo


Gracie's Cottage said...

Glad the shoppers came out for you....will be fun to see what happens with the footage!
Stay cool!


Feather Your Nest said...

wish I could have been there...heat be danged! But it was my oldest daughters birthday and she wasn't seeing spending it at a flea unfortunately! Swing by my place if you're in Columbus, come on.. you know it's only 20 minutes further east...I could use some more vanity benches to cover, end tables, metal stools, fabulous rhubarb reign stuff!

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

yup I'm feeling the "slap yo momma" heat here!
thanks for the laugh, miss you,