Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Half-Off General Admission at SATURDAY's Wheaton Antique Market; It's Always Such a Project: Just Give It a Turn; Midland Update; Reading List


Have you ever gotten to the market just a little too late and there it is. Plastered right on the thing you wouldn't have to think twice about buying -- a big, red SOLD tag. Uggh. Well, this Saturday's Wheaton (IL) Antique Market can be your secret weapon against such disaster. Because the show is just one day and a little bit smaller, it doesn't attract the crowds that its bigger sisters do. But you can be a savvy insider!

Just print this coupon for HALF-OFF GENERAL ADMISSION and get on in there first! Need more info? Just click the link on our show sidebar to go to Zurko Promotions and learn all you need to know. And don't forget, there is early buy from 6 to 8 a.m. See you Saturday.


I have to admit that I wasn't too excited when Joe came back from a buying trip with 5 of these glass cubes in tow. For some reason, filling containers just isn't my forte. After a couple of failed attempts, I remembered something I learned in art class long ago -- when all else fails, squint or turn. We'll talk about squint another time. Turn was today's hero!

Sometimes, the key to a creative solution is just to turn the piece in a different direction -- on its side maybe, or in this case, upside down. Joe cut some simple bases and voila -- mini-show cases! Check out our friend Rosemary's little turn-around on her blog for another idea along this same line. Have a project you'd like to share? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!


Wow! Things were hoppin' last Saturday at Midland in Indy, and the staff reports that it's been a daily occurrence. Yeah! Popular sentiment says that it's due to the upcoming Superbowl. Hmmm. Maybe I will have to become a football fan, after all.


I just finished Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts," which was a birthday present last year from one of my favorite cousins. Beautifully written, it would be a good companion to the "Happiness Project." Following a friend's suggestion, Voskamp begins a listing of every "gifts," small moments of happiness that might be easily overlooked. Her simple list yields some amazing results. Definitely recommended. What's on your nightstand?

I've decided that I may have to limit myself to one post a week, if I'm going to keep up with all my New Year's blogging goals. I've really had a great time visiting blogs, so I think I'm on the right track. I've started just going down our blog roll, visiting those sites and the sites they like. Just a few to share from last week's visit to Blue Cardinal: Dietlind Wolf, Something's Hiding in Here, Constant Gatherer. Happy reading! xo

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