Tuesday, May 8, 2012


What a funny show! The usual traffic pattern was tossed out by the inside dealers long about lunch time Saturday. We didn't sell much in the way of furniture until afternoon Sunday, and next to none of our regular wholesale crowd was in evidence. That being said, we actually ended the day slightly over our sales goal, but it was anything but business as usual! Smalls carried the day; garden and industrial are still going strong. As always, many thanks to all who came out to shop -- the Robinsons reported a record crowd for Saturday. Yeah! The show looked great, too. Some really creative displays and ideas in evidence. A special thank you to our new friend from Texas -- she came to the show after reading about it right here. Thanks for introducing yourself! Hope you had a great time. xo


I am still trying to figure out Bloggers new platform! Sorry if this layout looks goofy! That aside, be sure to check out "The Perfectly Imperfect Home," by Deborah Needleman, former editor of the beloved DOMINO magazine. Needleman is a wonderful writer, smart, but witty and warm . The book is perfectly charming, full of great advise -- like chatting with a helpful big sister with a great eye -- and the illustrations are charming. 


We are super excited for this coming weekend and our trip to Grayslake for two special reasons -- it will be Mother's Day, and that weekend is always dynamite. Plus, the focus will be GARDEN -- all the dealers will be pulling out the stops to make sure it is fabulous. We started work today and have lots of big plans! Be sure your weekend includes coming to see us! As always, print the red HALF-OFF coupon and bring it along. It is good for 50-percent off regular admission. See you at the show. xo

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