Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gifts for Art Friends, Bookend and Allegan Preview

 GIFTS for an ART FRIEND: Don't you just love that title? I was tickled when I opened the latest copy of Somerset Life and found this article, which proclaims that for many girls like us, there is just nothing better than a gift of VINTAGE GOODNESS. I couldn't agree more! One of my favorite gifts for years was a small, brown velvet purse with a beautiful gold clasp that my mother-in-law got at an estate sale for 50 cents. It's the bomb. Like the author, I'm always stashing away boxes and containers that are just waiting to conceal the perfect little vintage treasure for a friend. What about you? Are you smitten with vintage goodies? Do you hoard boxes, bags, ribbon and trinkets to make your packages extra special? Send a photo so we can share and spread the love around!

BOOKEND: NOMAD by Sibella Court
I have to confess that I am not much of a traveler, at least not in this phase of life. Except for the armchair variety. And that's why I love everything by Sibella Court. I just got this one, purchased with my Amazon points, thank you very much. And it is splendid. Full of the romance of exotic locations, from Japan and India, to Syria and Italy. If you are not yet familiar with Court's work, don't delay. She has her own shop in Australia, but also works for Anthropologie. You'll soon be smitten, I guarantee it.

ALLEGAN, HERE WE COME! Last week, we restocked at Midland and delivered a load of furniture to our pal Katie at SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio. Have been shopping ever since, getting ready for Allegan. Hope you can join us -- we have a terrific load in the works -- will get new photos up on Facebook later this week so you can have a peek at what's coming. Plus -- ta-da -- we want you to meet our summer intern, Ms. Emma Waldie! Do plan to join us. Show details are located in the calendar section of the blog. Just click the link to visit the promoter's site for additional information. Can't wait. xo

P.S. Thanks for everyone for the nice comments last week! Sorry to always be poky in responding. But I will! Stick with me. xo

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