Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Do-ins; BookEnd; Allegan Report

BIG DO-INS!! As in several Big Things coming up. You know, some Big Dos. First, we wanted to let you know that we will be back at SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio, for our second trunk show! Held in conjunction with the Country Living Fair, which takes place the same weekend in Columbus, we will be set up both inside and outside Katie's store with furniture selected especially for this event, plus tons of fall and Halloween-themed smalls and handmades. We can't wait. More details on what's in store as we get closer.

Second, we wanted to say congratulations to our customer pal, Mark Norkaitis, on the opening of his new shop in Naperville, Ill., on August 16. Be sure to stop in and check things out. Mark has a fabulous eye and a wonderful gift for display. We are sure the store -- Room 363 -- will be amazing. You can visit both Katie and Mark by clicking the links on our blog roll!

BOOK END: This book -- Steal Like an Artist --was calling out to me when I was shopping with Jack for a Father's Day gift. (Right, I always find stuff for myself before I find what I am out supposedly looking for! You got me.) But this is actually a great fast read about a subject that comes up often in our corner of the vintage world -- as I am sure it does in any gathering of creatives. The author's premise is that there are no original ideas, but there are right and wrong ways to borrow. Check it out! He also offers lots of good suggestions on furthering your own creativity.

ALLEGAN REPORT: Okay, all summer show weekends should be just like this -- sunny, but not too hot, with a light lake breeze. It could not have been more perfect. What a difference the weather makes. Customers were telling us all day about the stream of cars pouring in the gate. Many thanks to everyone who came out. This was probably the best show we've had all year -- sales were strong across the board! Yippee!! Totally appreciate everyone who came out to support the show. And the good news continues -- found some great things while our treasure trolling both Monday and Tuesday, plus Joe called from the auction to say the buying was going well today. We should be well-stocked for our next go-round -- this weekend's Kane County (Ill.) Flea Market. Be sure to join us there. Can't promise yet about the weather, but our building is now AIR-CONDITIONED! Double yippee!! Check our Facebook page later in the week for a peek at what's coming to Kane. xo


amy of four corners design said...

glad to hear your summer shows are going well...will have to track down a copy of the book you mentioned...especially since I just had the unfortunate experience of someone online stealing my silverware lamp tutorial...but at least they did take it down once I contacted them...anyway - enjoy the rest of the summer!

katie said...

We are so looking forward to hosting Rhubarb Reign in September!