Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cats, Kane and a Grayslake Preview

 If you know my partner Joe at all and have spoken with him recently, you are sure to have heard a story about our shop cat, Tink*. Tink was a stray who adopted us about this time last year, and Joe is smitten! Tink really is a wonderful cat -- handsome and friendly, he has quickly become legend in our small town. So just for fun, our pal, Lynda, decided to make a "litter box cake" to surprise Joe for his birthday when we were in town last weekend for Kane. Made from pudding, cookie crumbs and Tootsie Rolls, it is horrifyingly realistic! She assured us that it was a brand new box, but still, it was hard to get around the visual and dig in. But the cake is the perfect tie-in to the equally horrifying craft book I saw reviewed and was waiting to share -- "Crafting with Cat Hair"! Yikes and double-yikes. Any takers out there?

 Back to business! Kane was a wonderful show. Given the bad weather at the past three events, it was terrific to have a great weather weekend for the show, and shoppers were out in droves. Just something about antiquing and fall that go together perfectly. Sales were strong in all categories, and we totally appreciate everyone who came out to support the show.

Next up: Grayslake! Remember that this month will be the popular show within-a-show, Vintage Clothing. I will post the half-off general admission coupon both here and on Facebook Friday. If you need more information about the show, just click the link on our show sidebar to visit the promoter's website. Don't miss it -- it is sure to be the Cat's Meow!! xo
*Technically, this is my cat, Maddie, in the photo! Sorry I don't have a pic of  Tink to share. But just ask Joe next time you see him -- there are TONS on his phone. (:

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