Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At the Newsstand; Grayslake Report

 I was so happy to find my old pal Domino at the newsstand the other day! Not to get too excited, however, it is a "classics" issue, i.e. it reuses some old material. But it has a bunch of new stuff too. I enjoyed it and hope they do it again. Our Chicago customer Steve Smock saw me reading it this weekend at Grayslake and reminded me about Domino's online sequel, Lonny. He was kind enough to send me the link for the November issue, so I am going to take a look. But offhand, I never find trying to curl up with my laptop as easy as curling up with good old print! As long as we are on the subject, Graylake turned out to be busy -- lots of shoppers, maybe brought out by the mild weather. Once again, holiday and smalls carried the day. 'Tis the season. We are headed to Sobo in Columbus this weekend, with a stop at Midland in Indy.  But here's one more from the newsstand before I head down to the studio to paint -- FreshStyle. Flipped through several holiday publications, but this is the one I bought. Thought it had some cute new ideas! xo

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