Thursday, March 28, 2013


If you've visited in the last few weeks, you may have heard that we just got a new computer. Which is great. Except that it means I have to learn new software. Thought I had it down, but can't figure out the edit function to crop my photo! So let's just pretend for today that this is a better picture. Thanks for playing along there. And as long as we're playing true confessions, another thing I many have mentioned before is that I love it when the post office gets new stamps. Yes, I am that dorky. I mean, stamps are like fun stickers that you have to buy anyway -- so why not make paying bills more fun?! But I was a little sad when I bought the stamps for my Easter cards. There just wasn't a springy choice that jumped out at me. It wasn't 'til I got home, however, that I realized these Emancipation Proclamation ones were actually perfect. I mean, what is Easter, if not the ultimate freedom act?! Serendipity, to be sure. Have a wonderful holiday and THINK SPRING!
P.S. For our Chicago customers, don't forget that Zurkos are hosting a one-day show Saturday at the Expo Center. We can't be there due to a schedule conflict, but the red HALF-OFF coupons we always post for their shows are still good. Just look up our last Grayslake post to print yours! xo

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