Monday, July 20, 2009

Once upon a washstand

A note: I was planning on being tremendously clever today, writing two posts in one. However, I am once again outwitted by technology -- my camera batteries are too low to download this weekend's photos. So I'm going to settle for doing things backwards, writing Thursday's post today and Monday's later in the week! It's my hope that you will find me a rising blogstar -- witty, clever, ever so must-read -- and eagerly read both posts, telling all your friends about them, of course, ensuring a book deal in my near future. However, please feel free to pick and choose as your tastes and interests dictate! xo

Welcome to our first post for Transformation Thursday. We were given this cute little Victorian washstand by a client, asked to do some simply repairs and to "primitive paint" it. Joe's first task was to find hardware. We often talk about how hardware is like jewelry for furniture -- the right choice can greatly enhance the finished piece. However, as this piece was for resale, we opted for simple wooden knobs from Brushy Prairie Woodcrafts, an excellent simple solution that doesn't add a lot of cost to the client's bottom-line.

Next, Joe used Durham Rock Putty to repair the drawer's corner where a piece had broken off. This is an excellent product that's like one step up from wood putty -- can fill in if a small piece of wood is completely missing and is easily sanded smooth for painting.

In keeping with the client's request to keep the paint job "primitive," Joe combined Kilz water-based primer with our go-to off-white paint. This thins the paint, giving it a somewhat distressed look when applied, but keeps all the benefits of priming. For the second coat, the paint is used straight up.

Finally, the cabinet is vacuumed, the drawers are washed and the fresh paint is lightly distressed. Voila! Finished. The washstand is ready to go to a happy new home.

Please visit again next week for a peak at our latest Cinderella project. xo


Barbara Jean said...

That's a wonderful piece, and he did such a nice job on it.

Still waiting for my fella to want to help in that area. =0))
Barbara jean

Ronnie said...

Thank you so much for posting on my blog today. Your kind words were soothing to my ragged edges.
It's late, after 11PM, but I googled and read a bit of Madeleine's words.
This especially... "All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. No matter what." I'll be looking her up at the library. I must get to bed, but I'll be back to visit! I'm intrigued by this dresser project!

Lori R. said...

ohhh, you make it look sooo easy! That sure is a cute little piece ready for a new life...

Unknown said...

That is gorgeous! Thank you so much for joining Transformation Thursday, can't wait to see your upcoming posts.