Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Knocking Heather down

Sunday, I knocked my friend Heather down in the dirt. Yep, pushed her, stepped right on her helpless backside -- my eyes wild, teeth clenched, heart pounding -- like some crazed woman in one of those B-movie cat fights -- just to get my hands on this:

Can you blame me? Isn't she amazing? All Frenchy, crusty and splendid! And dare I tell you? $8!! This is what going to the market is all about!

Well, I didn't get her. In fact, there was no fight. Because, after all, Heather is one of my favorite BFFs, she saw the lamp first, and it was Sunday. And Kentucky. And I'm sure they have rules against ladies acting in such an unseemly manner in public. Even if it is an antique market. But don't you just love her??

The rest of the show pales by comparison! We featured garden and cottage-style furniture, with some store and industrial pieces thrown in for good measure:

The gate was good and the weather was fantastic -- who could have guessed it would be 75, partly sunny, topped off by a light breeze? Remember -- this is Kentucky! And it is usually hot, hot, hot! This must have been some sort of compensation for not getting the lamp.
Saturday, we had re-stocked our Midland space with industrial finds and arty objects, as well as some great primitives, a lovely mantle and a bank lobby table that would make a terrific buffet:

But all I could think of as we headed for home was "Colette." Sigh. Heather has promised me joint-custody. That's what makes her a BFF (or maybe she's just worried about getting knocked down the next time -- who knows?). Stay tuned! More about Colette to come. xo


Lori R. said...

Oh....did it take every ounce of strength to fight off the urge to bully your way to grab that one? What a find!!! and antiqueeee and chippy all at once with hair no less. Sounds like a custody issue... Best of luck, but a good BFF will understand your pain and share....

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Thanks for your support, Lori! Sniff. xo

Unknown said...

What fun! Hey, that's what friends are for, right? Where is the flea market in Kentucky? I'd love to have another great scouting spot other than the Nashville Flea Market.