Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad News, Good News

So the bad news is that our van has just died for the third time, except now it's worse news because it's died outside the fairgrounds, on a curvy, hilly little road, and now I'm running. Running uphill, actually, and it's really hot, and it's raining. I'm chasing the fairgrounds caretaker in his golf cart, a race I'm definitely losing, and the rest of the clean-up crew is cheering me on (actually, I think they are laughing, but I can't stop to check.)

Just then another golf cart coming from the opposite direction intercepts my quarry and points out that a crazy lady in a skirt is chasing him. Kindly, the caretaker turns his cart around, sighs (probably, after all, he's trying to get his work done before it storms), hoists up the battery pack, and heads out to help us once again.

The jump gives the van just enough juice to coast to the top of the hill, into Urb's Auto Repair. Which is the beginning of the good news. The caretaker comes back, offering us a ride. He'd already checked out the local motels for us, too. Wow -- how nice is that? We opt for a cab so that he can get his work done. The cab (aka dirty mini van, but you can't really put that in your ad) is about the only slow vehicle on the road, but we don't care -- we're headed back to the hotel, which means a shower, A/C, dinner, and early to bed!

The next morning, we're back at Urb's, looking pitiful, by 7:30 a.m. Although they are booked, they get us in quickly -- turns out we need the combo fun pack of new battery and alternator. We're back on the road by 10. Thinking we could have broken down anywhere -- alongside the highway would have meant the expense of towing, the drama of leaving the trailer, and nowhere familiar to stay. Instead, we found lots of help. And felt the hand of Providence.

We were home a day late, but Jack and I could still make our annual back-to-school pilgrimage to Lake Michigan, pictured above. There was still one day of summer vacation left. I am really thankful.

Tomorrow, we head down to Columbus, Ohio, to see our excellent friend, Katie Palmer of SoBo Style, plus a quick trip to Midland. I'm hoping for an uneventful journey -- at least in terms of the van! xo


savvycityfarmer said...

and how will you get there ...

I hate car problems!
I was delivering in Geneva last Friday and my temperature gauge went off the chart ... 575.00 later ...

there goes the furniture profits!

Glenda said...

My van has been running hot all summer. As I pray it to it next destination, my other prayer is, "let me find something in all this junk, that will change my families life forever." Can't wait to see you at Allegan.

anythinggoeshere said...

Fred wanted to know what the wrong with your van and now I have an answer for him! Not too bad in the car repair world and you're up and running again! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our paths probably crossed since we were in Kentucky last weekend too, but no opportunity to go to Burlington since we didn't come home until Monday! Hope your summer was great!!!!!!! Joan@anythinggoeshere

Anita said...

Sometimes you gotta look for the silver lining and so glad you found it in a helpful caretaker and a cooperative SERVICE station. Hoping all continues well.