Monday, August 9, 2010

Grayslake: WOW!

Joe and I have learned over the years that August can be a little funny. There's a lot to work around, from the heat to the back-to-school schedules to the proliferation of shows on a particular weekend, which divides both customers and dealers.

So we were especially excited that Grayslake was even busier than we had expected -- despite heat on Saturday and rain on Sunday; despite taking kids to college, getting ready for back-to-school, working on wedding preparations and other weekend activities; and despite having at least four shows to choose from in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois -- lots of folks came out to support the show. We couldn't have been more pleased! And appreciative.

Plus, we had a great time. And really sold across the board.

We also did some great buying, including this funky store mannequin, and

this fabulous metal chair. We'll be busy this week, getting ready for Midland and Burlington. Check back later this week and see what's in the pipeline. xo


Anita said...

Glad to hear it went well. We had clouds, then rain for 2 hours, then wind, then hot sun...such is the llife of an outdoor dealer in the Midwest. But it all turned out well. I GOT THE JOB- see my post on that later today :) But I'll still do Kane. Will be glad to see you :)

于庭吳 said...
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savvycityfarmer said...

looks like really great stuff ...AS USUAL