Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's Make a Deal, Part 2; Plus a Grayslake Sneak Peek

I was pleased to find that last week's post on bargaining drew so many readers -- both dealers and customers -- and some thoughtful comments. Last year, we were invited to contribute an article on flea market shopping to one of our on-line favorites, Vintage Indie. If you're not familiar with the site, but sure to check it out. Here's a little more of what we said on bargaining, with a brand new heading:

To Shop Early, or Wait, That Is the Question (Ta-DA! What a great heading -- lol)

"When you shop a show can affect your ability to bargain. Many shows feature an 'Early Buy' time before general admission, but this can be a Catch-22. You are paying a buyer's premium to shop during set-up, and many dealers aren't ready to do business because they are still unpacking. Dealers also may be reluctant to part with merchandise at a discount before the show even starts. However, coming in for Early Buy does allow you a first look at things that may be gone by general admission. You may have to decide what you really want: first dibs or lowest price. Sometimes they are mutually exclusive!

It can also be risky to wait until the very end of a show to get a deal. First, the piece you want may be gone. Secondly, don't assume that dealers will automatically drop the prices then. This strategy may work with someone who is just cleaning house, but may not work a professional dealer who has another show next weekend. However, if you live somewhere with a definite indoor/outdoor season, the last show of the year can be a good time to negotiate. Seasonal dealers may be willing to bargain in the fall rather than store merchandise over the winter."

So, what's your style? Do you love Early Buy? Or do you swoop in at the end of the day? Do tell!


Joe and I, plus a cast of thousands, are working extra hard on this week's load since we were not able to be there last month.* We've got a good selection of furniture, both large and small, seasonal projects and graphics, containers, industrial, garden, smalls, project parts and more. Whew! Do plan to join us -- the weather is supposed to be fabulous. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar. xo

*Sincere thanks for all your nice comments about our friend, Preston.

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Glenda said...

Sandy, thanks for these posts on the bargaining aspect of the this business. It has helped me look from the stand point as seller as well as a buyer.
My junk booth is at Beardsley Antiques in Elkhart. Thanks for saying the booth looks fabulous...hearing that from you helps me to have a little more faith in the look.
~G~ hugs
Have a great show at Grayslake!