Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vintage Vocab: Parlez-Vous? Plus Weekend Update

Just like every little corner of the work-a-day world, the antiquing business has its own insider vocabulary. Bet you already know a lot of the key words, but if not, read on! We'll have you speaking like a native in no time:

antique: technically, to be "antique," an item must be at least 100 years old

vintage: this one's a little loosey-goosey and seems to depend mostly on the age of the person using the term! But you're probably safe using it to refer to any item from the '70s on back

as is/as found: means the owner is aware of a flaw, but has taken that into consideration when pricing the item (so don't aggravate him by pointing it out when asking for a lower price!)

NFS: boo! This thing is Not For Sale

flea market vs. antique show: a flea market can contain any kind of merchandise, while an antique show offers old stuff and/or stuff made from old stuff, depending on the show's rules

c.: this means "circa" and usually appears before the owner's age estimate on a piece; it generally refers to an educated guess as to which half-century an item originates from

provenance: documentation about an item's history, ownership, origin, etc.; an interesting provenance can increase a piece's value

bespoke: actually, I've never heard anyone use this term, but I see it all the time in British magazines, so I was curious. Turns out it means "custom order," so just let us know if you'd like anything bespoke from rhubarb reign!

I know there are lots of other terms bandied about out there. Any come to mind? Leave a comment, and we'll see if we can help! xo

Joe and I were on the road this weekend. Our first stop was SoBo Style, getting Katie all re-stocked. Next we headed over to Lebanon, Ohio, to visit our friend Heather of Maddie Lisee. Along the way we picked up several fabulous items that will be destined for Midland this weekend. Yesterday, I opened my new issue of "Where Women Create" and was pleasantly surprised to find our customer Beth Harlow of Chicago's The Painted Lady profiled. Congratulations, Beth! Check back later this week for a sneak-peek at our Midland load!!

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Had to giggle, the one I dislike the most as a buyer, ~Firm~ .
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