Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

OK, I just have to say it. My Dad is awesome. The kind of dad that girlfriends all loved and boyfriends were all a little wary of. Funny. Smart. Kind. Loves babies and dogs. Horsed around with us when we were little. Set limits. Came to all our games. And plays. And pageants.

Grilled. Made big breakfasts on the weekends. Shined all the shoes on Sunday night. Moved boxes in an out of dorm rooms. Then apartments. Then houses. Always ready with a word of encouragement. Believed in our dreams. Hangs out with the grandkids. Sits on a million boards. Helps once a week at rhubarb reign inc. Let's me borrow the van all the time for treasure hunting.

Thanks, Dad, for everything! Happy Father's Day to you, Bob, Joe, and Joe's dad, Herb -- all the rhubarb dads. And to our customers, too. Know that you are loved and appreciated. On Father's Day. And every day. xo

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elise said...

I only wish I had a Dad close to that ! Lucky girl!