Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Trippin'

Summertime and road trips seem to be synonymous. And boy, have we covered a lot of ground in the last few days. Saturday, Joe and I headed down to restock our space at Midland in Indianapolis. By late afternoon, we were back on the road, headed to our favorite Columbus, Ohio, destination, SoBo Style:

Doesn't the shop look great!? All decked out for summer. But I'm getting a head of myself; we didn't get there 'til Sunday. Saturday night, Katie had an awesome little soiree on her new patio, complete with a sumptuous Indian food buffet, courtesy of her friends, Chrissy and Rolph. With a little dessert from Mom. Yum! Had a great time catching up with KP and company, with the added bonus of Brenda and Linda. What a riot.

The next morning we unloaded, then headed to Heart of Ohio where we filled two carts with goodies for Allegan. On the way there, we got a call from one of our favorite suppliers back home; as luck would have it, he was waiting for us with part of an estate. So it was Shop-Shop-Shop all the way home.

Monday, my son Jack and I headed out for our first college visit, Ball State University, located in Muncie, Indiana, about two hours away. I was really impressed with the campus -- had not been there since high school. The old part is really charming -- just check out this quote above the Fine Arts building door:

All the older buildings have that wonderful old-world feel. The newer parts of campus were also really nice -- clean, bright and really up-to-date in the tech and amenities department. Jack is interested in film, so the communications buildings were a must-see. Alum David Letterman does a lot for the school, particularly in this program area. Found out that one of my favorite authors, Havel Kimmel, is also a BSU grad. Who knew?

Heading home, we passed this awesome vintage gas station -- left from road trips gone by :

Just look at the beautiful details:

Love the tiny side door, pictured above, as well as the old gas pumps:

And darling glass mailbox. This attention to detail in one of my never-ending pleasures in the vintage world:

Joe will be hitting the road tomorrow, headed for auction. Then we'll be packing up later in the week for Allegan. So far the weather looks good -- so make your road trip plans now and join us. Check back later this week for photos -- and on Facebook as well! And while you're at it, send me some photos to share of your favorite vintage road trip destinations. xo


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

David, Joyce deWitt...from Three's Company, the creator of Garfield the Cat.. who's name I can't remember right now and I were all at Ball State at the same time.

I taught dancing to geeky Frat Guys so I might have taught David, but who knows. joan@anythinggoeshere

cityfarmer said...

I'm longing for a road trip ... the wedding wiped out my finances ... hehee

BUT the pictures are posted ....

missing all my buddies