Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our THANKS to You: Customer Appreciation Weekend

If you a regular rhubarb reign blog reader, this little coupon probably looks kinda familiar to you by now. BUT WAIT. This weekend, there is something different. You will need to print TWO COPIES. Present one at the door of the DuPage Expo Show this weekend for HALF OFF your general admission. That's the first good thing.

Bring the second one to our booth for 15 percent off YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE. Just a little thank you for all you do for us all year long! And yep, calling it up on your phone works at the door and in the booth, too.

So what are we going to have? One of the best groups of VINTAGE AWESOMENESS that we've had all year. We are pulling out all the stops, including a fabulous pipe-leg table and an equally cute zinc top companion; dressforms; mail carts; containers; smalls galore. Plus holiday handmades and LOTS of possibilities for gifts, entertaining and decorating. It really is gonna be something to see, so be sure your weekend plans include a trip to the DUPAGE EXPO. Show details are just a click away on our sidebar. The Expo Center is located on North Avenue in St. Charles, Illinois, just across from Pheasant Run. Can't wait!! xo

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