Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Need a Simple Gift? Plus Expo Report

Need a simple gift that's fun to make? How about an embellished eraser? Anyone with a chalkboard can use it! What you'll need: scissors, Tacky Glue, straight pins, brush, fabric or paper, eraser, pencil. Now, the eraser might actually be the tricky part. We order ours from the local office supply store. (Order some chalk while you are at it!) You might also try on-line. Once that problem is solved, the rest is easy. Remove the label and place the eraser upside down on your fabric or paper. Trace leaving about a 1/4 inch extra on each side.

Cut out along traced lines, then brush top of eraser with glue. Cover evenly. Smooth your fabric or paper over the glue, then brush some additional adhesive on your 1/4 inch margins. Fold edges like you are wrapping a package and pin in place 'til dry. That's it! You can now use your imagination to embellish your eraser -- buttons, stray earrings, keys -- whatever you like. And add a little strip of trim around the edges to cover the sides.

That's all there is to it! No time for this? No worries! We are planning to stock these from now on! Come get one from us anytime.

Our thanks to all who came out for the Expo Show. Saturday was busy until about 2; Sunday was steady, but slower. Industrial, holiday and smalls were the big sellers. Wish we had about a dozen mini-mail carts! Today, we start work on Kane -- the last one 'til March! Where did this year go?! Check back later this week, here and on Facebook, for a look at our latest finds and plan to join us for the show. xo

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