Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Full Today! Paper Roses, Kane Report, Bookend, Grayslake Coupon

A while back I took a bunch a photos for a proper step-by-step tutorial on making paper flowers. Then time went by, I hadn't used the photos yet, and of course, now that I want them, I can't find them! Oh well -- one of the things I love about this project is that you can't mess it up -- it's that easy. So here goes:

You'll need a box of unbleached coffee filters, a tube of glue and a roll of masking tape, something to use for stems and centers, and a pair of scissors. Each flower takes about 8 filters for the size shown below. Take your first filter, fold it in quarters, snip the end, insert your stem and tape to hold fast.

Repeat 8 times -- that's it! When you have your bloom assembled, glue layers together as needed, then SCRUNCH hard. Fluff petals and add your center. You're done! There are lots of variations and tons of instructions on line -- start working on your bouquet today. A credit goes out to our pal Joan Babb for the first time we saw the project in person -- beautiful!


Despite the lack of cooperation from the weatherman, the Kane County Season Opener was hoppin'. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support the show. Industrial and garden were big sellers. Furniture and smalls held their own, but not as much interest in wall stuff this time. It was also nice to reconnect with our dealer pals that we don't see when the show isn't in session.


I heart C.S. Lewis, so I was shocked one day when a friend said she didn't like him because he was too "pedantic." But that's what I love about him -- he takes complex ideas and breaks them down into simple steps. For Lent, I'm reading one of his that I never have before, "The Great Divorce." Get on the bus! Give him a try -- I am in chapter 3 and lovin' it. So what are you reading? Would love to hear!


Check back later this week for your HALF-OFF regular admission coupon! We will be out shopping starting today for the show -- be sure to come and see us. xo


Anne Marie said...

CS Lewis is one of my favorite writers as well - I especially like "common sense" -
right now, I am not reading anything worth reporting - just a few devotional books for Lent -

got your email btw; and we'll miss you here! I hope you can make it out at least to shop and say hello!!

Bethany said...

One of the best books I read while dealing with my dad's death was CS Lewis's "A Grief Observed." Right now I'm reading The Shiloh Legacy by Bodie Thoene.

Look forward to seeing you guys at Kane and Grayslake this spring. Maybe next month.