Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grayslake Report, Bookend, and Looking Ahead


People often ask us if we are bummed about working every weekend, especially when it's a holiday. Truth be told, I guess, like lots of other folks with non-traditional schedules, you just get used to it. Sure, we'd love to be home, but we also really enjoy spending time with our "other family" -- our great customers and dealer pals. It is just one of the trade-offs in doing what you love. Grayslake was packed on Saturday and steady Sunday. A thousand thanks to all who came out to see us! Smalls ruled the weekend; didn't sell much furniture this time. And today we started work on our first outdoor show of the year, the Burlington (KY) Antique Show. If you've never been, Burlington is an awesome place to buy! Come and see us this Sunday. Click the show sidebar for details.


Run, don't walk! Buy "I Like You" by Amy Sedaris today. A spoof on entertaining books, it is totally hilarious. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. xo

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