Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Looks We Love: Folding Tables; Plus Burlington Report and BookEnd

Here at rhubarb reign, we have yet to meet a folding table we don't love! From wooden sawhorses:

converted ironing boards:

and vintage drafting tables:
to metal sawhorses:
our customers seem to agree. What these tables all have in common is a clean, modern look with a great vintage vibe. The folding feature is an added bonus: while they can have a permanent place in your decor, they are easily stored and brought out for use at a moment's notice when an extra surface is needed for projects or entertaining. What could be better!

The tables pictured here all played a starting role in our set-up at the Burlington (KY) Antique Market over the weekend, our first show of the outdoor season. It was fabulous! Gorgeous weather and a front-page news story really brought out the crowds. We were a little nervous Saturday as heavy rains complicated set-up, but the weatherman was true to his word, and skies cleared overnight. Sales were good in all categories, but especially garden, as you might expect! Many thanks to all who came out to join us. In two weeks, we'll be headed for Allegan (MI), hoping the weather forecast stays in our favor. Make plans now to join us there -- their season opener always rocks!


My folks gave us the Downton Abbey ultimate fun-pak for Easter -- two videos, guidebook and soundtrack! My whole family is hooked. If you haven't seen it, the PBS series follows the daily life of the British aristocrats, the Crawleys, and their staff, just as the first World War breaks out. This time period is one of my favorites -- so much cultural and technological change, just like our own time. Plus the set and the costumes are awesome. Check it out if you aren't already hooked. xo

P.S. Wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Chicago customer Bill Rawski whose company, ZAP Props, was featured last night on American Pickers! And to encourage everyone to vote for our pal Chef Mark Trombley before the week is out. Type in youtube.com/user/sodexocsr, then scroll through to find Chef Mark Trombley and click Hospitals 2. Many of you know Mark McKee, our frequent show neighbor and dealer of all things awesome -- Mark, alias "Sherman" is his partner! Let's send them both to New York!


amy of studio four corners said...

I agree about folding tables...I have two vintage metal folding tables (with accumulated rust!) that I use for my art shows - they provide the perfect vibe and transport easily..love the ones you have pictured too...

Bethany said...

That series looks great! I'll have to look it up!