Monday, April 27, 2009

Cute Rain Boots

So, what's wrong with this picture?

Well, for one thing, my cute new rain boots are standing in a huge puddle. One of many huge puddles that dotted the Allegan (MI) Antique Market grounds both Saturday and Sunday. After all our attempted rain-dodging last weekend, and my bold announcement that the weather at Allegan was going to be beautiful, it rained. And it rained. And then it rained some more. But you know what? We had a ball! Part of the fun was being neighbors with our dealer friend from Chicago, Diane Passi, who had decided to try the show. Next, was that at Allegan, customers tend to come rain or shine. And we thank them for that! Plus, look at some of the other cute boots that attended the show:

Here's Peg's from Bountiful.

And Rebecca's from Rivich Antiques.

And a new friend's, Susan! (Thanks for geeking out with me, Susan, over all things artsy and blogsy. Can't wait to see you again!!)

We made these cute little embellished ring boxes for the show.

These fun little yard kids were available for adoption.

Rain or shine, it was great to be back at Allegan, the first show Joe and I ever did once we started working together. We both grew up not far from here, so it always feels like a homecoming of sorts. Check Allegan out at And then come and see us the last Sunday of the month, April through September. Wear your cute boots! xo


Joan: but actually pronounced Jo Ann said...

I wondered how the weather was up there! It was really rainy here, too! Glad everything went well anyway! Cute rain boots. xo Joan

susan said...

My oh my - I was SOO thrilled when I saw the photo of my boots - you know the feeling Sandy. Thanks for making me feel special - It was great meeting you Sunday! Hope to see you soon.

Heidi said...

I have been wanting to check out the Allegan show! I always look for you guys at the Chicago area shows! Love love your stuff! And always find stuff to buy! Didn't know you had a blog! adding you to my blog roll!

Kiki said...

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