Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kane County Here We Come!

Join us Saturday and Sunday for the Kane County Flea Market. Lots of garden, industrial, furniture, smalls, creations and stuff for making stuff. We're excited!! Come and see us. Show details are listed in the sidebar. xo


anythinggoeshere said...

You go girl! Do you like your new look? Was it as easy as I said? Anything else you need? xo Joan

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hey Joan -- Yes, I do like it! And thanks for your help. I wanted to make the pages more readable, easier on the eye. Now I have to figure out how to fix the banner, change to the blog roll, etc!! xo

anythinggoeshere said...

Already sent you a email about my lack of knowledge on the banner, but I can help you with the blog roll if you need it. xo Joan