Monday, April 20, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Question: What do retailers, antique dealers and farmers have in common? Answer: We all spend a lot of time worrying about the weather. Since Monday of last week, I'd made countless visits to and the sports section of our local paper (that's where the weather report is located, go figure.) However, by Thursday, our worst fears were confirmed: it was going to rain in Kentucky for our first outdoor show of the season no matter how many times I checked. In fact, the forecast was worse than it was on Monday -- showers had turned to storms. So we started making calls. Luckily, the promoters at the Wheaton show had 2 spaces left inside. Then we checked with some of our regular customers -- would they be coming? By 1:00 we'd made our decision to change plans and head to Chicago.

Garden was a big seller at the show.

As was ephemera, photos, postcards and collage materials.

However, big furniture was not moving. No fun to load in the rain, I guess. But lots of small tables and industrial pieces found new homes.

We hate to change plans at the last minute and disappoint both promoters and customers. But we were thankful to be inside! And we made our sales goal for the weekend by several dollars. Whew. Next weekend, we are scheduled to be outside again, this time at the Allegan Antique Market in Michigan. And the weather is supposed to be beautiful. I've already checked. Come and see us! xo -- Sandy and Joe

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