Monday, May 24, 2010

Indy, Columbus, Springfield -- Round Trip!

We arrived at Indianapolis' Midland Gallery Saturday to discover a "pleasant" lack of surfaces -- great in that we'd sold a number of bigger pieces, challenging in that we brought lots of smalls that would need some place fabulous to sit and show themselves off. So we improvised a little, such as using this folk-art shelf to display all our film canisters, and putting this deconstructed Victorian settee on the ground, instead of on the wall, as we originally intended:

We actually finished restocking a little early, so we had time to do some quick shopping before heading to our next port of call, Columbus, Ohio, to deliver a load to Katie Palmer at SoBo Style. However, Katie's niece, Emily, was catering our dinner, so we didn't want to be late! The meal was amazing, from the wonderful smells that greeted us at the door, to the last crumb of dessert. Plus, Emily made this delicious strata for us to enjoy the next morning before we all headed over to the store:
Check out Emily's menu:

The food was fantastic!
In addition to the furniture, Katie asked for some project pieces and smalls. These store/jewelry displays were a new idea:

Finding these beautiful lamp bases gave us the starting point:

Following in the lamp-part theme, we used these finials to create some small photo holders:

As always, the store looked adorable, and Katie was busy right off the bat Sunday morning as soon as we were done unloading. We won't get to see her again 'til August, but are already looking forward to it.
On the way home, we stopped at Heart of Ohio to do some restocking. Our next show will be the Allegan (MI) Antique Market on Memorial Day Weekend. It's Allegan's biggest show of the year -- plan to join us and see what we found! Click on the show sidebar for details. xo


katie said...

Great to see you and Joe this weekend! I love my new "P" stool!

Cindy said...

sandy~love the lamp base jewelry holders, really like the green one. do you still have it? how tall is it?
i think i see my name written all over it.