Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Took these photos about 6 a.m. Saturday, as we did the final prep for our Allegan set-up. What a lovely morning -- blue skies, mid-70s, couldn't ask for better. The show was well attended, although the temperatures started to creep up as the day went on, causing a little bit of crowd-wilt! Too hot at a show is almost as bad as too cold. But we sold steadily throughout the day and really across the board in terms of merchandise -- furniture, garden, industrial, smalls, collage, projects -- each category had its share of customers.

When it was all said and done, we made our "low-end" sales goal, but not the high one. Didn't see many of our store customers, which probably accounts for the difference.

But it was great to see many of our regulars, dealer friends and fellow bloggers. Many thanks to the Boyds, who came all the way from Chicago, just to help us set up (and do a little shopping themselves!)

I've already started on my list for Kane -- will get working again tomorrow! Until then, enjoy the holiday! xo
P.S. A personal note: Part of our Memorial Day trip to Allegan always includes a visit to the Riverside Cemetery in Kalamazoo, where my family is from. Since none of us lives there anymore, it has fallen to me to get the folks "dressed" for the season -- grandparents, great-grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, cousins all get flowers. This never feels morbid to me -- it is a lovely place, very historic, and I can remember going many times with my grandparents and parents when I was growing up, to plant flowers, trim, weed and water. Shortly before my grandma died, she told me that she'd had a dream: she'd gone to the cemetery to water the plants, and the whole family was there, having a party. There was a place for her, but no teacup. She winked and told me that they must be almost ready for her, but not quite, since there was no teacup at her place. It became an excellent inside joke between us. So every year when I go, I take her a cup, just be sure she doesn't miss the party! Amazingly, it lasts there all season, usually only disappearing over the winter. So I look for a new one each time. Enjoy your Memorial Day, and be sure to take a few minutes to remember any of your favorite people who are now attending the party! xo


Johanna said...

Sandy, I love the teacup story! It's a great tradition to care for the family plots. Made me think of this other blog post I read this morning:

My family doesn't have such a place, so I take a moment to sit quietly outside and remember them.

At Home in English Valley said...

What a lovely way to remember your dear grandmother, and a way to respect the memory of your other family members. I think it's a very nice tradition. Love, Penny