Monday, May 17, 2010

Ode to the Springfield Extravaganza

Oh, Springfield Extravaganza, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Thou art a great place to sell garden furniture, nary a piece was left behind;

Primitives, too, did thou lovest, but not so much the industrial this year. Sigh.

Thou showed thyself fickle with painted furniture, but lo, by week's end, but one piece was left; we will return again in September (possibly taking two spaces), so feelest thou not bereft.
Seriously, we had a great time. This was helped immeasurably by having wonderful neighbors. We got a chance to reconnect with our regular neighbors, Cal and Patty, but were pleased to see that three of our favorite vendors from Burlington, Vicki, Terry and Pam, were joining us on the right. We also have great neighbors at Burlington, Judy and Bill. Although we only see these folks once a month, after nine years, they become family. We laughed all weekend.
Next in the things-to-love department was seeing customers old and new, getting a chance to catch up on news both business and personal. We were also really touched by the number of people who came by specifically to talk about the blog -- that feedback is so helpful. And of course, we were thrilled with the opportunity to barbecue with Katie and friends on a beautiful Friday evening, and hang out with Heather (and new friend Kristen) both Friday and Sunday. Last on the love list was the buying -- we've been so desperate for smalls of late that we were like hungry people who've finally made it to the banquet table, especially at Burlington.
One trend note: Come-As-You-Are-Country seemed to do really well this weekend. Joe and I were intrigued by this and are toying with trying something a little different when we return in the fall...

Can't wait to show everyone what we bought! We'll be headed to Midland and back to SoBo this weekend. Stay tuned. And, as always, thanks to everyone who came out to support the show. xo


Gracie's Cottage said...

Great stuff and it sounds like a whole lotta fun! What is "Come-As-You-Are-Country", pray tell?

alee said...

Hi Sandy--
Yes I did stop in @ your booth,but I didn't see you around {not that I'd recognize you :)}& Joe {I'm guessing :)} was chatting w/ a I didn't introduce myself!Maybe next time!So glad all went well for you!Your Booth looked lovely...& so thankful for the great weather!!