Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sneaking Up on Summer: Kane County's THIS Weekend

I must have missed the memo, but apparently SUMMER IS HERE! Seems like we went from sweaters to shorts almost overnight. To save you from this tragic fate, we are working overtime this week to be sure our Kane County space is full of everything summery -- furniture, original paint, garden, handmades and more.

Of course we'll have industrial, graphics, ephemera -- in short, everything we can pack into the van. Don't miss it -- click on the show sidebar for details and plan to join us. xo


annie said...

I'm on drug duty this weekend...
Here's to Grayslake and Saturday morning!!!!
It's been TOO long!!!
hope your weekend is fruitful!

Whimsy said...

Your booth at Kane looked always!!!
xo Traci