Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've never been very good at making or keeping New Year's resolutions. But I love the idea of the new year -- a fresh start, big plans, new projects. So I actually look forward to writing the business' goals for the year. Yes, I am that geeky. But I find that having a list of things to accomplish really helps keep me focused and moving forward -- otherwise I want to do and try EVERYTHING! This year, it's a given that we'll look forward to working with our awesome customers, such as Katie Palmer of SoBo Style in Columbus, Ohio:

Katie's a great fit for us because her look includes both cozy cottage-style furniture, like this pretty 5-drawer dresser with unusual built-in jewelry boxes,:

and items artfully crafted by artisans near and far, like these awesome lamps by Ohio's Claudia Curry, rebuilt from vintage elements and industrial finds:

They make my heart sing! I'm also excited about continuing to explore unusual combinations of found objects, mixed media and industrial finds. The new issue of Marie Claires Idees is chock full of all three:

I can sometimes find this magazine at Barnes and Noble, but it tends to be a little elusive. Amazon has made subscribing to foreign magazines so much easier, so I took the plunge last year and signed up. I've enjoyed each issue that has arrived in my mailbox -- straight from Paris to small-town Indiana. You gotta love it!
I'm also thinking we'll try to incorporate more natural wood and original paint into the mix:

Plus lots more graphics:

I also want to get our Facebook page up and running and pursue another magazine submission. Whew! I'll need to focus. So what's on your to-do list? Do tell! xo


katie said...

Oh gosh Sandy! And we look forward to working with you this year as well! Keep those juices flowin'!

True North Interior Design & Antiques said...

Love your to do list. I do that too, but usually get flack from people when i talk about it! Yea kindred spirit!
my #1 this year was to get ETSY on our blog and I did it (with a little help from a friend!)
#2 but not necessarily in order, figure out how to make paper laminated "things" like tote bags
#3 altered clothing!
#4 to teach out of the house and I am doing that now!!! watercolor painting started this week :-) ti was SOOO fun
#5...........? Ok now I'm exhausted - coffee.. coffee with a little chocolate :-)

garage sale girly said...

I was in Sobo on Sunday and Katie showed me all of the new items that you had made for the shop! They looked awesome! I was also excited to see that my vintage fabric garland was sharing the table with all of your new items (I feel like I am in good/ creative company) PLUS, I loved that dresser because it had those little compartments.

elise said...

Mine is just to get through each day!