Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Feature: rhubarb reign Chez You!, Plus Grayslake Report and Wheaton Coupon

Just before Christmas, long-time Illinois customer and antique dealer extraordinaire Karen Hill and I were chatting about the concrete deer she had bought from us several months earlier. At the time of purchase, we had joke about its heftiness and how long it would take to get the outdoor charmer installed inside. She was following up, letting me know he'd made it into the living room and was now all dolled up for the holidays. He sounded so cute, I had to ask if she would mind sending me a photo:

And once I got it, another thought occurred to me. (Yes, I'm a little slow on the uptake!) I bet all you guys -- my blogging friends -- would get a kick out of seeing these finds in their awesome new surroundings. So I double-checked with Karen to get the go-ahead, and now you too can see the "dear deer" in her lovely living room! I'm sure he feels right at home with Karen's other treasures, some of which were featured last year in this Daily Herald article (wrinkles courtesy of my filing system):

Another Illinois customer Laura Wenzel also shared a photo with me of this cute red seed spreader she'd purchased from us, then repurposed as a container for seasonal greens on her front porch. Awesome!

Laura is better known to many of you as the creative genius behind our hand-painted signs and letters, which have been rhubarb reign bestsellers for many seasons:

Have a photo of something you bought from us that you'd like to share? Just shoot me an e-mail. I'd love to see it and will include as many as I can in future posts!

Grayslake Update
The show was fabulous! The crowd was so big Saturday that extra help was needed for the ticket booth, and additional security was called to help with the parking lot. A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to support the show. And thanks especially for all your kind comments on our article in Somerset Studio. For a peek at that, just scroll down to last week's posts.
Wheaton Coupon
Needless to say, Zurko's were happy with the turnout and are extending the HALF-OFF ADMISSION coupon to WHEATON this Saturday. Just print this page and bring it with you. Print was many as you'd like for friends, too. Show details are just a click away on our sidebar. See you there! xo

P.S. One last thank you to the kind person who left all the maps for me! I wasn't there at the moment, so I'm not sure who it was. Let me know so I can thank you in person. xo

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Sea Witch said...

I love the deer in her living room, something that I would have done. This is what i love about these blogs, such creativity abounds. Sea Witch