Friday, May 27, 2011

Come See Us at Allegan This Weekend!

Come see us this weekend at the Allegan Antique Market -- our first of the season! Details are just a click away on the show sidebar.

We've been saving these wonderful 1890s fish graphics just for this show -- and there's so much more! We've got a brand-new load of furniture:

Original paint, garden, industrial, containers, signs, mirrors, lamps, glass containers galore:

I could go on and on. Everything was still in process yesterday at photo time, so come and see for yourself! Oh, and did I mention, there's gonna be BOB. Yes, you've heard the rumor for 10 years, but come meet my husband live and in person! Joe will be off this weekend to attend his sons' high school graduation, so Bob will be making his flea market debut. Can't wait. See you there! xo

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Hooked On Vintage said...

How was the Allegan show? My husband and I wanted to sell at that show and we ended up back in North Carolina. The pictures of your things are fantastic!