Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stormy Weather: Midland and Burlington

Restocking the Midland went smoothly for us Saturday. Not a drop of rain, despite the predictions for thunderstorms all day.

Love this funky group of letters and how they work with the other pieces around them;

The original red paint on our harvest table adds just the right amount of color to this corner;

My favorite vignette consisted of two log pedestals, a group of machine gauges and a pair of fun mushroom salt and pepper shakers, all nestled on top of an industrial cart -- a great mixture of textures!

But once we were back on the highway, the rain found us. We did get the tent set up under clear skies, but once we were back the next morning, the rain was pretty much non-stop, despite the Weather Channels assertions to the contrary. In fact, we kept showing people the phone, saying "no, look, it says it's NOT raining!" Despite the damp, business was fairly steady most of the day and everyone was in a good mood.

This potting table made from an old, galvanized chicken feeder was one of my favorites and sold during early buy.

We have the good fortune to be right in front of one of the horse barns, so we can display our ephemera and other weather-sensitive pieces, rain or shine

By the end of the day, we were pretty empty! Many thanks to everyone who came out for the show. We have a conflict in June, so look for us in July and repeat after me, "rain, rain, go AWAY." This week, we'll be in Columbus, restocking at SoBo, then look for us at Allegan. Check back later this week for an update and come visit us on Facebook. xo

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