Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More on Those Great Thoughts; Grayslake Report; Wheaton Coupon

 GREAT THOUGHTS: I was dying to tell you last week about some interesting articles I'd just read, all from the Wall Street Journal. If I were a better (aka had more time!) citizen of the blog-o-sphere, I would give you the links, but if you want more info, just leave me a comment, and we can do things the old-fashioned way (aka I will send you a copy!) Anyway, the first article was about one of my all-time favorite creatives, John Derian. Here is a photo of his wonderful store, where I am dying to go someday. Basically, the article talks about the informal network of artists he promotes. Sounds like he is both generous and not too self-important -- which sounds wonderful to me. Makes me like him even more.
 I am sorry to say the second and third articles are all the way back from an issue in March (memo to self: stay caught up on reading this year!) The article on creativity was top-notch, making a number of good points, including that creativity is a skill that can be cultivated. My favorite tip -- to increase creativity, try to practice solving problems in areas not directly related to what you do. Being an "expert" can actually inhibit problem-solving. Also, a relaxed brain is more likely to be creative. Gonna have to work on both of those! Also in this issue was a wonderful article on another creative hero of mine, chalk artist Dana Tanamachi. So much goodness, all in one place. We heart you, WSJ!

Grayslake turned out to be a good show for us -- we were busy both days, with sales across the board. This was really welcome, as things had been a little sleepy since right before Christmas. Many thanks to all who came out to support us! Next up: Wheaton, this Saturday. Remember to print your coupon for HALF-OFF general admission. See the link in our calendar sidebar for more show info. xo

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amy of four corners design said...

didn't see the John Derian article...but I have to admit that I've been enjoying reading the WSJ - for the art/culture articles (personally I differ with their editorial view...) I've been loving the WSJ Magazine that comes out every other month - fabulous articles about people/places/things that are all so fascinating...hats off to you for recommending such great articles...