Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Don't you love the delicious irony of Labor Day, where we all celebrate working by taking the day off? And what better way to spend a day of leisure than by attending the second largest festival in the entire state of Indiana -- Plymouth's Blueberry Festival.

We live on main street and do our best every year to get into the holiday spirit by hosting a Porch Party during Monday's parade.

Of course you are all welcome next year, however, you may want to crash our neighbor's party, too -- they have better decorations and lots of matching chairs. We are jealous.

My son made his hometown debut with the Pride of Plymouth Marching Band (at least we think that's him, as they all kinda look the same in their uniforms!) And my husband ran in the race.

In keeping with the spirit of Hoosier Hospitality, the parade features something for everyone:




and Republicans. After the parade, we head over to the park with our 100,000 annual visitors to see horse pulls, arm wrestling and 50s tribute bands (not to mention weird outfits, wild hair and
miles of craft and food booths.) We're exhausted by the end of the day and totally ready to get back to work!!

Thanks to one and all for coming out to support Kane County over the weekend. There were lots of great vendors and some super bargains. Furniture was a strong seller for us, as were smalls and projects. A special thank you to the Boyds for their excellent hospitality and to Lynda for sending not one, but two, banana-walnut coffee cakes home with me to share with my Porch Party guests. Those were a big hit!

This week we'll turn our attention to the once a year Lake Forest Antique Show. Check the show sidebar for specifics on this terrific event. Will have more details later in the week. xo