Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Half-Off Admission to Expo Show Saturday and Sunday, Weekend Update and More

After you've dug out from the snow storm of the century and before you kick back to watch the Super Bowl, bring a copy of this post down to the DuPage Expo Center in St. Charles, Ill., and receive HALF-OFF your admission to the last Expo Show of the season. Make a bunch of copies and bring your friends, too! Now in its second season, the Expo Show has been a huge hit with shoppers and dealers alike. Don't miss it. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar.

As for the storm of the century, the first flakes are just falling as I'm writing this, but we heard about it all weekend. It was a topic of conversation in Indianapolis at Midland, where we used this funky group of frames to fill up an otherwise empty wall:

And all over Ohio -- at gas stations, restaurants and hotels, everyone was speculating. We did get a little break from it Sunday when we unloaded at our customer Denise Griffith's sweet little shop, Feather Your Nest, in Pickerington. Not a snowflake in site, plus we had lots to catch up on since we last got together at Burlington. And all the bright, cheerful colors in Denise's store overcome any thoughts of winter weather. Just check out the fabric room:

Denise offers a regular schedule of sewing classes, which are held in a large, bright workroom upstairs. All the fabric, patterns and trim made me want to race home to get out my machine. The fabrics' sunny colors echo throughout the store, from an entire room full of Vera Bradley bags and accessories:

to the front room, where the walls were just painted a fabulous chartreuse to complement the curtains Denise made from a lovely new Amy Butler print:

With all that luscious color, it's hard to think about snow. But once we were back on the road, everyone was back to talking about the storm. At Heart of Ohio, and then again at dinner, it was on every one's lips. So Joe and I did some strategizing; decided to shop on Monday, our usual day off, thinking the auction prospects might be a little grim Wednesday, and work today, thinking we might not even be able to get to the studio tomorrow. Who knows! My theory is that weather likes to sneak up on you; it's just not as much for it if you're prepared. And prepared we are! We have a whole new group of smalls, projects and furniture to share with you this weekend. So do plan to join us. And don't worry, we'll have you home in plenty of time for the kick-off! xo


elise said...

I love those new Amy Butler prints her new store is great ! And I will be there! Diane P.

Anita said...

Definitely will see you Saturday!