Thursday, February 17, 2011

Half-Off Admission to a Taste of Spring

Print out this post and bring it with you SATURDAY to the WHEATON ANTIQUE MARKET for HALF-OFF your admission to a "Taste of Spring." We are gonna be all about garden, but will also have furniture, great smalls, industrial and more. Details are just a click away on the show sidebar.

Plus, there is also an awesome orchid show going on at the same time* -- what could be better! So make plans now to join us. Come get your spring on! xo

*Sorry I folded this! Also, please note that Wheaton is ONLY ON SATURDAY.


Anonymous said...

wish I could have been there :(. I was tickled to see your article in the SB trib today, though. Too bad she didn't mention your blog. Congrats on another appearance in Somerset!

Glenda said...

Sandy, saw you in the tribune this weekend. Loved the article, and also the picture of you gal was beautiful!
~G~hope the show was great...