Friday, October 7, 2011

The Best, The Worst and the Half-Off Coupon

Thursday is both the best and the worst day for me to take blog-worthy photos. It is the best day to take pictures because we have just finished shopping and sorting for the weekend's event. It is the worst day in that nothing is ready to actually be photographed:

Welcome to my weekly dilemma! Suffice it to say, we have LOTS of great stuff for Grayslake: wonderful painted furniture, lots of original paint, boxes and boxes of smalls, containers, lamps, mirrors, silver, paintings and graphics, chalks and handmades -- everything you need to create an awesome fall look that will ease right on in to the holidays. But right now, it's kind of like "Where's Waldo," it is in the picture somewhere!

Do plan to join us. The weather is going to be fabulous -- perfect for antiquing. And don't forget to print this page and bring it along for half-off general admission. Show details are just a click away on the blog's sidebar. And some slightly more civilized photos will be posted on Facebook this morning. Do plan to join us! xo

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