Friday, October 14, 2011

Burlington Bound

Tomorrow, Joe and I are headed for Burlington, Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, for our last outdoor show of the season. Come join us! The Burlington Antique Show is awesome -- one of our favorite places to shop -- and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Can't wait.

We'll be stopping by Midland to restock on the way. Summer is such a busy time, it's hard for us to get a full shot of new merchandise in there, so tomorrow is key. We've set aside a bunch of great stuff for our Indy friends, so check us out at Midland as well. Take a look at our Facebook page for new pics of what's headed to both locations. And come see us!! xo

P.S. For our Chicago friends who can't travel this weekend, don't forget about Zurko Promotions next two October shows -- the Wheaton season opener is Saturday, and the new the Haunted Halloween Market (which has been getting lots of great press!) is on the 29th. Details can be found on the Zurko blog, and their HALF-OFF GENERAL ADMISSION coupon can be found on our blog post from earlier this week. Happy shopping! xo


elise said...

Can't wait to get that cool Burlington vibe !! The crowd us so cool !! See you there.

elise said...

Can't wait for the warm Kentucky crowd !! They are the best ! See you there....