Monday, October 3, 2011

I Hate Anthro

Last Monday I had the good fortune to spend a day shopping in Chicago with one of my most favorite pals in celebration of her upcoming birthday. We started out thrifting on the South Side, then trolling through downtown favorites like P.O.S.H. After lunch, we headed to State Street and the "mothership" of shopping:

Now I must tell you that I totally hate that place. It is so unfair that one store can make me want everything in it! From the yummy housewares and those cute little drawer pulls, to the exquisite selection of books and jewelry. Not to mention the clothes. And the props. I'd be happy to just have some of those. Sigh. Wouldn't it be fascinating to work for them? I'd love to learn a few of their secrets.... I did learn that shopping on someone else's behalf is called "propping," so I'll console myself with knowing that we have that much in common. Here's a peek at some of our latest "propping," on display at last weekend's Kane County Flea Market:

It was a gorgeous weekend and shoppers were out in full force (maybe some were propping, who knows!?) But we still seem to be missing our many of our retailers. Hmmm.

I loved all the fall colors throughout the booth. This is definitely my favorite time of year.

Many thanks to all who came out to support the market. Tomorrow we start work on Grayslake. Be sure your plans for next weekend include it. The show will feature the popular "show-within-a-show," vintage clothing. Check back later in the week for photos of our latest "props" -- both here and on Facebook -- and be sure to print your half-off admission coupon! xo


Bethany said...

Hi Sandy! Wish I could have made it to Kane again and I won't be able to be at Grayslake either. Maybe next month.

Couldn't agree more about Anthropology. I used to teach with a girl who worked there in the evenings. She always dressed SO cute...jealous.

Happy Fall!

elise said...

Come on we all love a good tease !! Anthro is a good addition or maybe just a fantasy !! Ha ha !

Sea Witch said...

I hate anthro too for all of the reasons you stated. LOL. When can we go visit Anthropology again? Sea witch

Julie Crusenberry said...

If you ever have a chance to work for them, THEY would be very luckY!!

Relics said...

I'm sure you have seen the show- MAN SHOP'S GLOBE ? It's Keith Johnson- he's the partner of the owner of the Anthro/Urban/Free People/terrain empire.

The show was on for 2 seasons on the Sundance Channel- you can now download it off of Itunes--- He basically shows you how he goes around the world trying to find all the cool stuff for the stores. Old and new. Great Show! If you get a chance- download it- YOU WILL LOVE IT

Love your stuff and your blog!