Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Allegan: It Was the Cat's Meow!

These folk-art cats were two of my favorite recent finds, which we featured this past weekend at the Allegan (MI) Antique Market. The weather couldn't have been better -- with one exception, it has been great this season. But this time it was just perfect antiquing weather -- crisp in the morning, no rain, and warm by afternoon -- but not too hot. You could almost see Fall peeking around the corner.
I was excited that our product mix reflected the seasons changing, moving from summer to fall, with some wonderful reds, great primitives and lots of rusty wire.

Some weeks we just get lucky and the load hangs together really well -- colors and textures balance and there is something for everyone -- painted furniture, primitives, industrial, smalls. That's what we'd like to see every time, but it is harder to achieve than you might guess. That's where Fate plays a hand -- we just have to work with what is there!

We had two spaces this time; our regular neighbors had a conflict, so we rented their space, too. I was cranky Saturday, trying to bend my brain around the new configuration. You don't realize what a pattern you get into with setting up until something changes. But by Sunday, we were pleased. And we had a great time with our regulars and some surprise guests!! Plus we had lovely new neighbors -- Melissa and Todd, with their son, Sam, who were celebrating their anniversary setting up at the market. As if there would be any better way! Although the pace was more leisurely than last month, there was a great crowd. Many dealers were saying that this month and last month were two of the best they've seen. Thanks to all who came out to support the show.

We start getting ready for Kane today, plus will continue working towards our upcoming Trunk Show in Columbus, Ohio (details on both events can be found on the blog's sidebar). More photos from Allegan are available on our Facebook page. Check back later this week, both there and here on the blog, for a look at what's coming to Kane. xo


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Love everything. You guys have such a great eye. See you at Kane!

The VanderArks said...

I have long been a fan of Rhubarb Reign, so when I discovered that I would be setting up next to you folks, I was ecstatic. Thanks for being so welcoming! Rhubarb Reign rocks! Melissa

Long Grass Praire said...

Fate smate you guys are talented!!!!!!

Anita said...

I will miss you this weekend but Judy will be there to carry on. We have a giveaway on the blog, so stop by...a Frenchy thing, of course :)

elise said...

That's the last of allegan for me , I'll miss some of that. neighborhood thing bye Michigan!