Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Worth a Thousand Words?

Sometimes I think I've got the whole blogging thing backwards. I tend to think more about what I'm going to write than what I'm going to photograph. Any time I venture into cyberspace I'm struck by the drool-worth wealth of images. But my biggest problem with that is that I'm just too impatient to be a good art director for my blog. Sigh. It generally seems like I'm just too pressed for time to make vignettes and worry about lighting. Double sigh. But I wish that weren't the case!

I did end up taking more pictures than usual Sunday morning before Grayslake re-opened. Now I know that quantity doesn't make up for quality -- still no arty shots or fancy lighting. But it kind of gives the feel of walking through our booth half-way through the show. (And if this isn't enough, you can pop over to our Facebook page for more!)

The show ended up being quite busy on Saturday and steady on Sunday. There was a heavy, but brief, storm Saturday afternoon, but otherwise, the temperatures and weather were lovely. Dare I say even a little on the cool side?! I had to get out my emergency sweater even.

Many thanks to all who came out to support the show! I will leave you at this point to finish your virtual tour. We are off to Midland and SoBo this weekend. Plus we are busy counting down the days to our trunk show; see the show sidebar for details on that. Check back later this week for a peek at what we've been working on. xo

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Sea Witch said...

PHotos always are. What did you take home with you other then your photos?