Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My son Jack loves our customer Katie Palmer, even though they have never actually met. The reason being an inside joke. One day, Katie left a message at the house, saying the store had been so busy it was "nutty-nutty-nut-nut." And Jack found that to be delightfully funny. He would repeat it to himself and giggle. Granted he was in second or third grade at the time, but the story stuck. Whenever Katie's name comes up, he smiles, and I know what he's thinking.

Well, Sunday, just after we had unloaded, he would not have been disappointed! Nutty-nutty-nut-nut broke out big time. It was suddenly so busy that we were all helping customers -- and the store wasn't even open yet! Wow! That's what we like to see.

Part of the excitement is due to all the great fall pieces Katie has been receiving. She is already on her second order of Hot Skwash -- lovely velvet pumpkins with real stems -- they've been going right out the door from the back room. They are exquisitely made -- I can't figure out how they do it. I bought a batch last time for my dining room table and more this time to give as gifts.

She's also getting all the seasonal hats, scarves and gloves in, plus loads of new jewelry and other goodies. I had to pace myself -- could have filled the whole van with treasures to take home for myself!

We also spent some time ironing out logistical details for our trunk show, coming up at SoBo next month -- the same weekend that the Country Living Fair is in town. We've been working on merch for about four weeks now, accumulating lots of special pieces that say "fall." Will start posting some photos here and on Facebook over the next few days.

So how was our weekend? Quiet? Or Nutty-Nutty-Nut-Nut? Leave a note and let us know! Off to shop today for Allegan -- already found some awesome stuff on the way home from Columbus, but want to add to it so the booth will be packed out. Check back later this week for a peek! The weather is supposed to be great this weekend -- plan to join us in Michigan. xo

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katie said...

It seems like we're always busy when Rhubarb Reign comes to SoBo Style! It's the anticipation and then followed by the nutty nut nut
day, which is a good thing. Hope to meet Jack some day to share a laugh together!