Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Favorite Finds, Kane Update, Grayslake Coupon

So how's your treasure hunt gone this summer so far? Remember a while back I was talking about the Year of the Hare and making rabbits my summer crush? Well, I'm striking out there big-time! Turns out rabbits are not as common as you'd think and any I find that I like are kinda expensive.
But, never fear, the market gods have not forgotten me! Just last week, Sumaya Seccuro (of Brian-n-Sumaya, whom I'm sure may of you guys know) gave Joe some books that she thought I might be able to use for projects. But this one, the "Cyclopedia of Useful Knowledge," I think I'm going to have to keep. Everything that the pre-Google housekeeper/beekeeper/farmer/business person needs to know! Plus I love the cover.

And I finally broke down and bought this primitive oil painting that I just love. I've looked at it since the beginning of the year, but the dealer was having a 20-percent off sale this month, so I decided that I could take it home. Even though there are no rabbits in it! What about you? Found anything lately that you just love? Send me a photo and let's share.

Many thanks to all who came out for Kane County this past weekend. We ended up having a great show, despite a little heat and an (unexpected) rain shower or two. That was especially welcome, as Kane was kinda quiet in June and July. So humid, I know...not conducive to the hunt. And speaking of the hunt, Joe and I, plus my mom, will all be out shopping today for Grayslake. Hope you can join us at the show this coming weekend! Don't forget to print the coupon below for half-off regular admission. Make some for your friends, too. Or call it up on your phone at the show's entrance. Check back late this week, both here and on Facebook, for a look at what we find -- and will be bringing! xo

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Sea Witch said...

What a lovely painting. so glad that you bought it for yourself. Sometimes, we just have to spoil ourselves. Sea witch