Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Once upon a blog; Allegan update; Something just for Lynda

Once upon a time, two antique dealers started a blog. Then something magical happened.

Friends began to appear!

And they brought their friends. And so on. And so forth!

(Translation: Joe and I were struck this weekend by how many connections we've made through our little port in cyberspace. Case in point -- Dan and CJ, of True North Interior Design and Antiques. We knew Dan by site from going to auctions, but one day at Allegan, he came by with his lovely wife, CJ, who happened to read our blog. We've been fast friends ever since. They introduced us to a new customer, Patrice, who just opened the awesome shop pictured above, Elements, in Grand Rapids. Patrice was telling us over dinner that on her first day, a customer had come in with a gift -- an awesome metal letter "E." This customer was none other than Glenda of Junkin' in My Pink Cadillac and Mishawaka Antiques, who had found Patrice through links from our blog to Dan and CJ's! This is just one of so many examples. How fun is that?)

Allegan turned out to be an terrific show. Temperatures were high, but the humidity gave us a little break.

Sales were good in all categories.

Many thanks to all who came out to support the show. So what about you? Are you ever surprised by the connections your blog makes to other kindred spirits? Leave a comment and let us know!! Now it's on to Kane. Check back later this week for a preview. And check out this article on Midland Arts and Antiques on Apartment Therapy while you've at it! Click on the link in our sidebar for Midland details. Thanks go to our dealer pal Diane Passi for pointing it out.

Lynda -- Thought you would get a kick out of this. Look who is headlining the Allegan County Fair:

OMG!! Wouldn't that be fun? And on 9/11 no less. xxoo


Gracie's Cottage said...

You're so right Sandy, since I started blogging I've found 'friends' as every show I go to.

Glad Allegan was great for you. I will get there one day! Now I'm off to check out Apartment Therapy.


patrice said...

very cool..........it is all amazing the creative cool people who used to think "am I the only one like this?" now have united thanks for mentioning me....xxoo patrice

Glenda said...

I wanted to stay so badly that day and see you at Elements, but time wouldn't allow. I must get back to blogging, the friends it has brought into my life has been a true blessing this year. I count you as one!!!

elise said...

Congratulation to the opening of Elements can't wait to see it shine!! , Diane