Monday, June 1, 2009

Allegan: The Perfect Day

It was a perfect day. Please join with me and say it like the little mice in the movie, "Babe,"
"a perfect day...". It was the best weather possible for antiquing: sunny, no wind, high hovering around 70. For the shoppers, plenty of dealers. For the dealers, loads of shoppers. Got to spend time with some of our favorite customers, colleagues and cyber-pals. Had a wonderful picnic lunch, plus all-you-can-drink coffee actually brought to our booth every couple of hours, courtesy of one of our neighbors. Found some of the stuff on our shopping list and had a great selling day. WOW!

For a quick market report, smalls dominated our sales sheet. Garden, projects, industrial, ephemera, small furniture and original paint did well. News on the street was that big furniture was not selling as strongly. Next, it's off to Kane. Can't wait. Come and see us. xo


Joan said...

As we were shopping at our favorite blue-tarps-on-the-parking-lot flea market we were hoping you were having the same fine weather. Glad to hear you were. xo Joan

VanDaff's Interior Design & Antiques said...

I feel like I have a new friend! Glad you had a good show too! I wanted to talk to you about your necklace, is that something you sell. I am looking for a special piece to wear to Dans sons wedding in July.

JUST ME said...


Will be there this weekend on Sat at Kane. Bringing my cousin along and will be there also along with Eddie Ross.

See ya soon,


rebecca said...

I was at your booth at allegan, I am the one who got the replacement comb for my little boy who lost his the month before. I just want to say thank you for that random act of kindness, he was thrilled and has been combing his hair non-stop since I got home. I wish I was going to Kane but not this month, will you be at Grayslake?
thanks again,

Sandy and Joe said...

Hey Rebecca -- No problem re: the comb! Glad your son is happy! I can't find a way to e-mail you directly; hope you see this! Yes, we will be at Grayslake! xo

Cottage Panache Antqs Blog said...

Just found you blog. Saw the post on Allegan Flea Market. I grew up in Niles, Michigan. Look like a good many times a year is the flea market? Next I am home to Michigan for a visit I'll have to plan a trip to Allegan.