Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday: Here comes the bride!

After much trial and error -- included many e-mails, a phone call to my blogging buddy Joan (visit her great site, Anything Goes Here, listed on our Blog Roll) and accidentally deleting the first version of this post just now, I want to share with you my first attempt at participating in a blog party:

This lovely couple is my contribution to Thrift Store Thursday, a blog party featuring participants' fabulous finds for the week. I found them Wednesday at the Shipshewana flea market and adopted them for the princely sum of $1! I already got several nice comments from other party goers, which unfortunately were deleted with the first edition of this post, but I learned a lot, met some new people AND had fun. I'm definitely doing it again next week. Joan, better take your phone off the hook!! xo -- and thanks to everyone for their help and patience, especially you, J.

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Linda Crispell said...

You know you are killing me with this post!!! $1.00 for the bride and groom and you were in Shipshewana? Pie and cheap treasures, I am jealous!
Your Pal,

Sandy and Joe said...

I know -- it was a lucky find! No Norma Kamali, but there's always great pie and Shipshe!! xo

Lori R. said...

That is just precious! I wonder where my old bride and groom went to? Up in the attic I believe. Someday I need to get up there and clean it out. 100+ yr. old farm house that has been in the family forever. I found my father-in-law's school papers up there once and he would have been 90 this year!!